Local, International Collaborators and Activities

A key goal of the Centre is to collaborate with renowned experts at other institutions to strengthen our capacity and leverage activities underway elsewhere and to secure funding from various organizations. As part of our outreach so far, we have several local and international institutions and individuals that have expressed interest to work with the ADARC.

Local Partners/Institutions
  • » Ministry of Health
  • » Butabika National Mental health Referral Hospital
  • » Ministry of Gender, labour and social development
  • » Uganda Youth Development Network (UYDEL)

International Partners/Institutions/Collaborators
  • » Prof Laura Cassidy of Medical College of Wisconsin,
  • » Prof Thomas Babor of University of Connecticut,
  • » Dr. William Senkele of SAPTA foundation, Nairobi Kenya,
  • » Assistant Professor Mieka Smart of Michigan State University

ADARC Activities include:-
Conduct alcohol and drug use research

The Research Centre key priority areas for alcohol, drugs and addictions research are identified. Presently, the School of Public Health is engaged in facilitating the implementation of a nationwide substance use surveillance system that generates much needed research and data on various substances and patterns of use across Uganda. This surveillance system is a flag ship activity for the Centre and involve both faculty and students and is used to leverage funding opportunities as well. Additional topics and priorities are negotiated with the Centre leadership, faculty and students to leverage existing interests as well as those of government agencies and funders.

Build MakSPH Capacity for Alcohol and Drug Use Research

Depending on availability of funds, some or all of the following proposed activities will be implemented to build capacity, support and incentivize research on alcohol misuse and drug use within the School;

Collaborate with Government and Key Stakeholders

The Centre collaborates with an extensive list of stakeholders to ensure that it serves the need of Government units and other organizations in need of research support and training, research findings and briefing materials. The School already has extensive collaborations with the Ministry of Health other key partners such as the Uganda AIDS Commission and international Government agencies like

  • - the CDC,
  • - WHO and
  • - UN.

We have established a robust set of collaborators across Civil Society that serve community needs such as

  • - the Uganda Youth Development Link,
  • - Hope and Beyond, and
  • - the Community Health Alliance (CHAU),

to name a few that work directly in communities and welcome partnerships to increase research activities as well as a community participatory approach. A key goal of these collaborations is to generate research that serves the need of these organizations but also to envision larger, multisite projects that can also attract funding and donor support.

Research to Support Policy Development and Community Engagement

The Centre will engage in a range of outreach activities to ensure that knowledge about alcohol misuse and drug use are shared with Ugandans to underscore the impact of substance use in our country. Through communication, education and training, collaboration, and community outreach, the Centre will seek to increase support for affected individuals and communities. This has been done before by staff of MakSPH but targeted University students only. The main goal will be to brief and support decision makers make informed decisions and to develop and implement policies to improve communities negatively affected by alcohol and drug use.