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»Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing injury
»Alcohol and drug use in teenagers with diabetes mellitus.
»Alcohol consumption among university students
»Alcohol consumption among university stundents in Ireland and United Kingdom
»Alcohol use as a risk factor for Tuberculosis
»Alcohol use in Rural district
»Early alcohol use and problem drinking among student
»Alcohol use among adults in Uganda
»Alcohol use among adults in Uganda findings
»Comparison of Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption to Phosphatidylethanol Measurement among HIV-Infected
»Effectiveness of Mass Media Campaigns to Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Harm
»Evaluating possible intended and unintended consequences of the implementation of alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) in Scotland
»Factors associated with Injuries among Commercial Motorcyclists in Uganda
»Following in the footsteps of tobacco and alcohol
»Hazardous alcohol consumption is not associated with CD4+ T-cell count decline among PLHIV in Kampala Uganda
»He drank for two days without eating food
»If You Drink Alcoholic Beverages Do So in Moderation
»Introduction of an Alcohol Related Electroni Screen
»Prevalence of Alcohol Addiction in Africa
»Prevalence of Alcohol use during pregnancy and its association with partner alcohol use in East Africa
»Prevalence of Cannabis Residues in Psychiatric Patients
»Prevalence of Cannabis Use Among Medical Students
»Psychoactive substance use and the risk of motor vehicle accidents
»Risk thresholds for alcohol consumption
»Socioeconomic status as an effect modifier of alcohol consumption and harm
»The Effects of Substance Abuse Following Personal Injury
»The impact of price policy on demand for alcohol in rural India
»The relationship between drug use and traffic accident severity


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