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» Adolescent Alcohol Use
»Alcohol and substance use in humanitarian and post
»Alcohol consumption and awareness of its effects on health among secondary school students in Nigeria
»Alcohol consumption and risky sexual Behaviour
»Alcohol Exposures and Alcohol marketing
»Alcohol Use and Food Insecurity among People Living with HIV in Mbarara, Uganda and St. Petersburg, Russia
»Alcoholic beverage consumption in relation to risk of breast cancer
»An Engineered Cocaine Hydrolase Blunts and Reverses Cardiovascular Responses to Cocaine in Rats
»Assessing the health risks of consuming ‘sachet’ alcohol in Acoli, Uganda
»Assessing the health risks of consuming ‘sachet’ alcohol in Acoli, Uganda
»Associations between pain catastrophizing and clinical characteristics in adults with substance use disorders and co-occurring chronic pain
»Burden_of_depressive_symptoms_and_nonalcohol_substance_ (1)
»Capturing the Moment
»Daily Fluctuations in Self-Control Demands and Alcohol Intake
»Declining and rebounding unhealthy alcohol consumption during the first year of HIV care in rural Uganda
»decreases-in-self-reported-alcohol-consumption-following-hiv-counseling-and-testing-at-mulago-hospital-kampala-uganda (1)
»Democratization of the Brazilian Criminal Justice System
»Depression, alcohol use, and intimate partner violence among outpatients in rural Uganda
»Features and challenges of alcohol abuse treatment in Uganda
»Genetic_variants_of_alcohol-metabolizing_enzymes_i (1)
»JEP-46635Chronickhat-Cathaedulisandalcoholvariablyalter6-22-13-Final (1)
»Marijuana Legalization in the United States, Continued Imprisonment, and Felony Bans in the Cannabis Industry
»Medical Marijuana
»Medicinal marijuana use
»PA 12-5-2799 A practical trial
»Alcohol Exposures and Alcohol marketing
»Prior alcohol use enhances vulnerability to compulsive cocaine self
»Problem drinking among patients attending primary healthcare units in Kampala
»The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test


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